The Testament of Sherlock Holmes PAL [ XBOX360 ]

The Testament of Sherlock Holmes PAL | XBOX360 COMPLEX | 7.35 GB |

The Testament of Sherlock Holmes is an adventure game in the Adventures of Sherlock Holmes series developed by Frogwares and published by Focus Home Interactive. Developers Frogwares have described the game as their “biggest and most beautiful game”. After being delayed from an original 2010 release,[2] the game was released in Europe on 20 September 2012 and in North America on 25 September 2012.[3]

Trailers were shown at E3 2011,[4] with further screenshots being released months later. More screenshots were also posted.[5][6] The game was developed primarily for consoles, and features a new graphic engine and gameplay mechanics.[7]

The game is based on the fictional detective Sherlock Holmes, the protagonist of 56 short stories and 4 novels by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Like many other games in the series, the game itself presents an original story and plot that is not based on any of Arthur Conan Doyle’s works. The Testament of Sherlock Holmes is set in the London of 1898, with Holmes presented as the main suspect in a case in which he is unable to prove his innocence.

In London, 1898, Holmes has just successfully solved a new case by retrieving a priceless set of jewels that had been stolen. Unfortunately, the jewels’ owner reveals that the necklace Holmes returned to him is a pale imitation and everything seems to incriminate the detective. During the next sequences, Holmes tells Watson he has an immediate appointment with the Bishop of Knightsbridge. Upon arriving, he discovers that the bishop has been tied up, burnt and mutilated. A new character named Inspector Baynes also appears.


As Sherlock Holmes, the player faces an open investigation, and decides which leads to follow, and which to ignore. Players can handle and inspect clues, re-enact crimes and use the game’s deduction system to make their own decisions about the innocence and guilt of suspects. Different questioning approaches can change the course of an interrogation by letting the player catch suspects off-guard, or gather valuable information. And as more events happen that call into question the nature of Holmes’ changing character, you take on the role of Watson and are required to figure out if the famous detective is capable of such brutal actions or if something deeper is at play.

The game uses a new graphics engine, especially developed to display complex scenes of the game’s 19th century London environment, using hi-resolution textures. The full gore is shown in its full glory, unlike the previous game where corpse are seen as drawings and portraits to hone respect to the real victims. Players have the option of using a gamepad while playing, and the control system has been specially formatted for consoles. The way 1898 London’s visuals are rendered a leap over the locations seen in Sherlock Holmes vs. Jack the Ripper, and toggling between first- and third-person views on a console gamepad. There have been a few additions made to the title’s puzzle-centric gameplay, most notably, optional “point of interest” indicators to help Holmes discover clues, as well as a “sixth sense” functional that can help Sherlock out when he’s stumped. There are about 20 locations throughout the game, each with unique puzzles, that range from Baker Street, to London’s slums, to a crimson-hued opium den, and roughly 12–15 hours of gameplay. The gameplay generally progresses as you gather clues and evidence in every form you’re able to discover, from written material and environmental clues to actual objects that you gather in your inventory. As you gather clues, you eventually piece together the evidence to come to a deduction.

A new game engine has been specially built for this new adventure to immerse players in a believable, realistic and fascinating universe. Extremely complex scenes will set the stage for the players’ investigations. They can examine every inch to look for clues.The environments received a great amount of attention to details, and so did the characters. Using motion capture, real actors now give life to the new, highly detailed and finely textured models. This technique increases realism and credibility for each action and every cinematic scene that advances the story.[8] The game also benefits from a new light and shadow system, various post-treatment image effects, a high quality voice over and cinematographic direction.



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