Command & Conquer: Red Alert 1 [PC]

Command & Conquer: Red Alert 1 [PC] | Size: 800 MB


Red Alert began in the 1950s, taking place in an alternate reality in which Albert Einstein called Cronoesfera builds a machine that used to travel through time from Trinity, New Mexico in 1946 to Landsberg, Germany in 1924, where Adolf Hitler with newly released from prison for the failed Beer Hall Putsch in Munich in the same year. Einstein Hitler removed from our dimension in an attempt to prevent the Second World War. After it returns to 1946 where Europe is peaceful and without major problems, not because war devastated the continent.

But Einstein’s plan was a serious miscalculation as the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics under the regime of Joseph Stalin, achievement quickly become an expansionist superpower since Hitler and Nazi Germany never emerged to balance forces with the USSR in the European continent. Without the obstacle Hitler, Soviet military advances without considerable opposition across the continent, where the allies are overwhelmed by an enemy superior in numbers and weapons, initiating the Second World War as a Soviet campaign Eurasian domination. Throughout the game the Allied and Soviet struggle for control of the European continent in a conflict that cost 80 million lives and devastate much of the world




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