5 Puzzle Games for Candy Crush Addicts

5 Puzzle Games for Candy Crush Addicts
5 Puzzle Games for Candy Crush Addicts

It is over a long time since Candy Crush was out, yet it appears that the world is as yet not exhausted of the match-three puzzle game that has players of any age. There are options available – here are 17 games like Candy Crush that you will like.

1. Bejeweled

The Bejeweled application is one that is had us addicted for a very long time. With a lot of various modes to play and accomplishments to be achieved, players will before long find that their everyday drive flies by. Our preferred mode is Diamond Mine, wherein players will have to race with time as the opponent to unearth buried treasure.

2. Jelly Splash

Jam Splash is overly charming, allowing you to connect lines of Jelly characters in hundreds of levels. Players should go for three stars in each level and discover how well their friends are getting along.

3. Juice Cubes

Juice Cubes is also a match-three puzzle video games, featuring more than 550 fruit-filled levels that players will finish with pirates, mermaids, and witches.

4. Pet Rescue Saga

Pet Rescue Saga allows you to match at least two cubes of a similar color to complete the level and spare the pets. Players must make matches and save the pets. But remember, moves are limited. Therefore, plan them cautiously. Players’ puzzle abilities will be tried with long hours of matching fun. Accept the challenge of this adventure without anyone else, or play your friends to see who will set the best score.

5. Blossom Blast Saga

Blossom Blas Saga allows you to match and connect your way through vast amounts of blossom-filled gardens, turning colorful buds blossoms into beautiful blossoms before you come up short on moves. Players must link at least three blossoms of a similar kind, causing them to look as you set off an energizing chain-reaction of blooming flowers. Players will blast through a big selection of matching puzzle games.

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