Wildlife Camp In the Heart of Africa-RELOADED

Wildlife Camp In the Heart of Africa-RELOADED | Full PC Game | Size: 403MB

Wildlife Camp In the Heart of Africa-RELOADED

Here is one lil’ cute game for kids by RELOADED group. If you have younger kid, brother, sister, cousin, grandson/daughter (…) this is something for them. Of course you can try it too. :mrgreen:

Description: Lose yourself in the wild! Discover new animal species, nurse them back to health and care for them. Look after your little camp with its cute and extraordinary residents. Enjoy some breathtaking encounters with exotic animals, and experience direct contact with the animals and their environment. Besides their medical care, your daily routine includes rearing animals with a bottle and fun activities such as elephant riding.


  • The player can give his customized avatar over 120 items of clothing, accessories and hairstyles
  • Build, manage and maintain your own wildlife camp in Africa
  • 10 different animal species with over 200 accessoires and hairstyles
  • Easy tutorial Amphibian vehicle, Jeep and helicopter to travel to far-flung areas
  • Over 30 different tools, items of equipment and medicines
  • Explore the park area/terrain
  • Enjoy the challenge of endless missions and adventures
  • 12 training methods to teach the animals fun tricks or to prepare them for life back in the wild

Install Notes:

1. Mount image or burn it
2. Install
3. Play the game










Wildlife Camp In the Heart of Africa-RELOADED

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