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Which Is the Best Windows for Gaming Performance?

Best Windows for Gaming Performance

Sales have slumped over the last few years, and laptops’ market space has shrunk since smartphones, tablets, and phablets arrived. But people are still finding heavy-duty laptops for a gaming purpose. Therefore,companies are also developing powerful laptops considering the gamers’ requirements. Gamers can acquire a line of high-end gaming laptops by companies like HP, Dell, Asus, and more. Talking about any high-end gaming laptop, a powerful OS is worth mentioning, to power your deviceand enhance the experience of playing HQ video games on laptops. So in this article, we discussthe finest operating systems for PC gaming. Here we start with the list.

Windows 7

Windows 7 for gamingIt has been Microsoft’smost popular OS as yetdue to its sparkling performance, efficiency, and sustainability. The latest DirectX softwarelets it bethe most favorite for gamers. Users can change the settings with its customization feature, obtainingits maximum performance. Moreover, the version makes it more impressive to gamers if their systems are updated with the latest hardware.Since Windows 10is out, itfailed to maintain its dominance over the successor. However, many gamers still use Windows 7 for gaming. It is predicted the tech company willwithdrawits support for Windows 7, meaninggamerscanlazily update to Windows 10. They have time.

Windows 8

windows 8 for gamingWindows 8 couldn’tachieve the same recognition, support, andadoption, as its predecessor Windows 7 and successor Windows 10 have received. As Windows 8 has a lack of sufficient resources, this leads to faster loading times and better performance as compared to Windows 7. Gamers may not like its interface, yet it tremendously runs the games. Windows 8 willgain continued support for years, meaningmany game makers will create games compatible with Windows 8. If gamers don’t upgrade to Windows 10, Windows 8 canperform a wonderful job to run your favorite games.

Windows 10 Gamer Edition Pro Lite

windows 10 gamer edition pro liteWindows 10 Gamer Edition Pro Lite -which is the latest OS by Microsoft -fulfills expectations when it’s about gaming. The version is optimized and efficient;it bringsabout new features,greatly focusingover the Xbox application and games bar. You can stream games from console to PC. More so, it brings in DirectX 12 – the latest version of a popular platform to power games.The new featuresmentioned above that are created to improve gaming experience in a much better way, with Windows 10 receiving regular updates in the future, to make it the best OS for your PC gaming laptop. What you will witness is that Microsoft enables your laptop to update this software for years. You can read more here Windows 10 Gamer Edition.

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