Two Worlds II-Call of the Tenebrae

Two Worlds II-Call of the Tenebrae

Two Worlds II-Call of the Tenebrae Free PC Game For Download:

Two Worlds II-Call of the Tenebrae is an action role-playing game which is developed by Reality Pump Studios and published by TopWare Interactive and ACE. This game in compressed version is available for free download on Excgame. This game was released on 15 Jun, 2017 for Microsoft Windows. In this game, The Hero is thrust into a decades old mystery while a new race of horrific, rat-like creatures attempt to destroy Antaloor for good.In this version of game player is able to visit new locations and interact with a host of brand new characters, both friend and foe. All new new weaponry, enchanted armor, alchemy skills, crystals, fighting tactics and strategies are added in the gameplay. A new Evil threatens the land and a shocking sevret will change Antaloor. The player is able to make his team with familiar faces and new allises and stop the sinister plot threatening the lands. You can also Download Sudden Strike 4 and Call of Juarez The Cartel.

Two Worlds II-Call of the Tenebrae Gameplay:

In this new RPG adventure, the shocking murder of DarPha sets in motion a chain of events that reveals a powerful new magic and a creeping evil with sinister designs for the populace of Antaloor. New combat techniques and enemy behaviors will keep the player guessing and brand new locations await him, from haunted graveyards and crypts to dank swamps and dark forests swarming with vicious enemies. In this free verion game new adventure set in the Two Worlds universe, in addition to myriad side quests and optional missions. A brand new race between rat and human was introduced in which the player have to find who is friend and who is foe in them, before Antaloor is overrun. Player is able to explore the archipelago like never before in which the player is able to investigate new locations, from haunting crypts and swamps crawling with the walking dead. A highly stylized armor and weapons was introduced in the gamepaly, In which the player have to choose from a wide variety of axes, maces, daggers, swords and spears, in addition to ranged weapons like magical strikes, bows and crossbows. Revamped and enhanced alchemy system was introduced for the player in which he is able to brewing all new tonics and potions, granting the all new options for offensive, defensive and restorative potions. New enemy tactics and strategies will keep the player guessing, forcing him to master his attacks and keep his guard up. A host of new characters await for the player in Antaloor. From greedy cut throats to dark hearted bandits, there is potential danger in every location his visit in Call of the Tenebrae. Colorful traders, greedy snitches and helpful villagers populate the towns and villages in Antaloor, and Player will need every helping hand he can get if his quest is to succeed.


Minimum System Requirement:

  • OS: Windows Vista, 7, 8,10
  • Processor: Intel or AMD Dual Core CPU with 2.0 GHz
  • Memory: 4 GB or more
  • File Size: 10.8 GB
  • Graphics: Radeon HD, Geforce 8800GT (Shader 3.0 and 512 MB RAM)
  • DirectX®: DirectX 9.0c or OpenGL
  • Hard Drive: 15 GB
  • Sound: DirectX compatible Stereo Sound Card

Two Worlds II-Call of the Tenebrae  Game:

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File Size: 10.8 GB

Two Worlds II-Call of the Tenebrae

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