Sports Champions 2 [ PS3 ]

 Sports Champions 2 [ PS3 ]

Sports Champions 2 | PS3 | 6.30 GB

Sports Champions 2 [ PS3 ]


Sports Champions 2 USA PS3-CLANDESTiNE | 6.29 GB
Language: English | Region: USA | Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
Release: October 30, 2012 | Genre: Sports | Platform: PlayStation 3

Using the PlayStation Move motion controller and PlayStation Eye, players become part of the event as they use their controllers to compete in a variety of new sporting challenges. Building upon the game mechanics of the first title, Zindagi Games and Sony’s Worldwide San Diego Studio make it easily accessible for players of all levels to jump right into the action. Each of the six events will have you energized as you improve your backswing, bowl a strike or perfect your left hook.

Sports Champions 2 comes with six pulse-pounding events including five new games and an update to the beloved Archery event from the first title. The new events include Skiing, Tennis, Boxing, Golf, and Bowling, offering a variety of activities that will appeal to everyone. Sports Champions 2 features new game modes, including Party Play, a new game feature, which invites you to compete with your family and friends in custom, multi-sport tournaments. It will also include beginner friendly controls without needing to calibrate for easier pick-up-and-play, ensuring competitors of all ages can jump right in and join the fun, while seasoned veterans can choose advanced modes for a greater challenge. For added fun, users can choose the new Create-a-Player function to customize everything from their character’s outfit to their animation and sound. As you play, unlock new clothing, equipment and accessories to keep the creativity flowing.


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 Sports Champions 2 [ PS3 ]

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Sports Champions 2 USA PS3%25282%2529 Sports Champions 2 [ PS3 ]

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Sports Champions 2 [ PS3 ]

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