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The year is 2045, and with only the briefest introductory cinematic, the game starts with you (Richard Rocek) being dropped in front of a gate. An android tells you that your employer no longer has any need for your services and takes your employee pass away. Without that, you know you will be unable to find a new job and therefore be confined to the Prague Slums, the poorest of the city districts. Everybody lives in cities now, which are divided into three districts: Slums, Industry and Government, and to travel between them you need an employee pass. Making matters worse, although Richard still has his travel card, it has no credit left on it. That means he can’t even get home, so you’ll have find a way to refill it through unconventional means. Once you have done so, other parts of the Slums become accessible, and later in the game you will travel to the Industry District and eventually to another city, this one in Brazil.

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