Deadlock 2 PC Game Full Version

36043 Deadlock2 Deadlock 2 PC Game Full Version

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Deadlock 2 PC Game Full Version

Deadlock II is a sci-fi turn-based strategy computer game developed by Cyberlore Studios and published by Accolade, released on February 28, 1998 as a sequel to Deadlock : Planetary Conquest. For the most part, the game is not so different from its original (Deadlock). Sure, there are some new things, like new buildings and more military units, a campaign and a level editor, but that’s more or less it. The gameplay and art are virtually the same as before as is the plot and the objectives. This is more like an expansion then a sequel to the game. The objective is the same as in all strategies conquer and destroy whoever else is out there. But killing is not the only option, at least not first. There are a few diplomatic ways to do that too. But sooner or later you’re going to have to vaporize them all and be the last one standing. The combat system is the game’s biggest fault. You can’t control the battles, you can only give out a few general orders and wait until the battles is finished and the only thing you can do is to see the replay of the battle to see how you did. The graphics are a lot better than in the prequel, the sound is in the standard frames and the gameplay is more or less the same as before. So, if you want to see something new and flashy since the last game, you’re going to be disappointed because there is nothing new to see. But if you just want to continue the fun from a year ago, you are up for a treat. The game hasn’t got any better, but it hasn’t got any worse than before either.

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Deadlock 2 PC Game Full Version

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