Car Tycoon Download Game [Full PC]

boxshot uk large Car Tycoon Download Game [Full PC]

Download Car Tycoon Full PC Game | Single Link size :348.02 MiB

Car Tycoon Download Game [Full PC]

Car Tycoon is a simulation game which takes place between 1950-2006 in the USA. You have the chance to compete as boss of an US-car company starting in the booming fifties. Take care of development, production and distribution of your cars but have your competitors in mind! In 40 scenarios with different goals – like becoming market leader or getting free of debts in a certain time – you have to reach the economic victory against your competitors. To be successful build up new types of cars and an effective company structure. If necessary be unscrupulous by using sabotage or espionage, but beware: Don’t get caught!

Over 400 cars from 1950 to 2006 for varied and informative gameplay meaning players can choose to make classic cars from yesteryear or design their own inventive creations
Develop 7 different car models for alternative tastes – either a sports car for the high flyer or an economical family car for the family man
Over 40 different scenarios providing varied situations for endless gameplay

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Car Tycoon Download Game [Full PC]

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