Alone In The Dark 4 [Full PC Download]

Alone In The Dark 4 [Full PC Download]

Alone In The Dark 4 [Full PC Download] | Size: 1.46 GB

Edward Carnby, the supernatural detective is back. And this time its for revenge. Carnby’s best friend, Charles Fiske has been found dead off a mysterious island off the coast of Maine, Shadow Island. Carnby’s investigation quickly leads him to Fred Johnson who informs him of Fiske’s search for the three ancient tablets which, when placed in a specific location, will unlock an incredible and dangerous power. Johnson pleads with Carnby topick up where Fiske left off and reopen the investigation in order to recover the tablets. Carnby accepts the mission to find and destroy the murderer of Fiske and avenge his death.

The original survival horror franchise continues with a pure blend of intense action and suspenseful adventure. Alone in the Dark immerses the player into a dark and strange atmosphere where conventional rules do not apply. The player must overcome his natural fear of the dark unknown and control Edward Carnby through a deep and highly detailedstoryline.Armed with a flashlight and a pistol, Carnby must find the necessary items to survive as well as the clues which will help him escape his ultimate nightmare.

  • Unique game engine never seen before on a home console
  • Cinematic movie sequences, eerie dark sound effects
  • Over 10 creatures and deformities like no others seen yet
  • Play two different characters from two different points in the game
  • Influenced by the work of HP Lovecraft

How to Install :

1. Unrar.
2. Burn or mount the image with Daemon Tools.
3. Install the game
4. Play the game.




Alone In The Dark 4 [Full PC Download]